> I would like some information about how FreeDOS runs exe files.

Check for MZ Sigi, if YES, run as EXE, otherwise run as COM.

> If I run an exe, which only reads input from the keyboard and writes output,
> wil l any information be written to disk by the OS?


> I assume not. I want to be sure that there is no logging of
> information on the screen or in memory.


> I presume the exe file just gets loaded into memory.


> I see that command.com keeps track of all the commands enterred.

YES, maybe you can switch this off (I din't try ...)

> Can someone confirm that these are not stored on disk either?

YES confirm, NOT stored on disk.

> Essentially, I want to boot up into FreeDOS, run my program and then
> turn the machine off, knowing that no trace of my activity remains.

Good idea :-) (see other discussion about 2039 kernel BUG)

~~~ wow ~~~

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