On 2010/01/24 17:53 (GMT+0100) Stefan Xenon composed:

> I want to make clear that I need the described file system in a
> partition-files so that it is not directly on a hard disk. Mkdosfs seems
> to create such partition files directly with the provided parameters
> noted in my previous post - at least it works for me.

> So I assume your tips on heady and cylinders is not transferable to
> partition container files?

Unless when you write "partition-files" or "partition container files" you're
referring to an iso filesystem or iso file, I really don't know what you
mean. I've been partitioning and creating filesystems well over a decade, and
can't recall ever running across those terms used that way before.

Maybe "error message that this partition is too small" has something to do
with the request if executed would not be capable of being transfered to
partitionable media?
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