> What are the goals at this point for Freedos 1.1?

Fix BUG's ...

> I would like to see an effort to move from a free dos system to
> a free Windows 9x/Windows Millenium replacement.

Please don't disturb the death silence. R.I.P. Windaube ;-)

> Another area that Freedos is weak in is word processing.  You can
> download and obtain an illegal copy of Microsoft Word for dos

YES :-(

> like to see an effort started to find out if Openoffice can be
> supported on a dos based platform.

It can. But you need a compiler with DOS support, and some
usable GUI. And, you have to know what type of DOS you want
to support. NTVDM support -> death of DOS development :-(

> 1) Create a Freedos compatible clone of Windows 9x/Windows Millenium.


> No, the ReactOS project isn't trying to do this and never will.

Good :-)

> 2) Make a best of Wordperfect/best of Word word processor that is
> GPLed available to Freedos users.

Good idea.

> 3) Abandonware.  This issue isn't going away unless popular commercial
> programs are replaced with truly adequate free alternatives.


> 5) Start a wiki on how to update Freedos and move towards people being
> able to set up a local Linux server to update their Freedos
> machines from.


> possibly something else.  I for one would like to get updates on
> compact disc or DVD, the snail mail protocol.

Good, but FreeDOS doesn't need too frequent updates ;-)

> 7) A lot of people don't use pop to access their email where Arachne
>  doesn't support IMAP.  Please someone address this.

Arachne also lacks HTTPS and HTTP uploads. JS sucks but many pages :-(

> It seems that there is a lot of emphasis on programming languages and
> some emphasis on hardware, but what about application software?

I have a video editor in the pipeline ;-)

> A project to go from HX Dos extender to a full blown dos compatible
> Windows compatible gui

HX GUI ;-)

> that improves over time, this could be a major
> catalyst pushing Freedos development going forward.

As long as you don't add VxD's into it ...

About world processing, I tested "ANTIWORLD" recently and it
works somewhat. But it doesn't support the new ".dogx" format :-(

~~~ wow ~~~

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