Hi Blair, Karen,

is the doscdroast suite still around? It was easier to use
than all those command line things like mkisofs and cdrecord.

Eric :-)

PS: It also came with a number of 3rd party drivers afair.

>> ...or DVD either for that matter?
>> I have come across a few for creating iso images, even backups, but am
>> wondering if others have ideas.  Hearts desire would let me create real
>> audio cds for play in a stand alone player, or at the least cds that will
>> play in an mp3 type player.
>> thoughts?
> There are tools available to burn cds.  Both CDRecord and CDRKit are
> available for DOS and work as long as a driver called aspi.sys is
> installed.  First you must create an ISO image, and then you can use a
> program like cdrecord to burn it.  The same suite also includes a tool
> to burn audio cds I believe

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