ReactOS is neither a stable nor potentially even a promising project
anymore depending on who you talk to.  Sadly, I got kicked off of the
forum boards and the IRC channel.  I haven't been back since.

I don't like when people say, "ReactOS is cloning Windows under the 
GPL and this work doesn't need to be done," because the job 
isn't getting done.  ReactOS could stay in alpha easily for another
10+ years because there are not enough developers and possibly the
developers that are working on ReactOS don't have all of the needed
skill sets let enough enough time to dedicate to the project.  
ReactOS isn't going to be a Windows replacement that runs on top of
Freedos.  Suggesting that ReactOS run on top of Freedos on 
any of the ReactOS forums or the ReactOS IRC channel will bring down 
a lot of criticism upon you and most likely more than you can handle.

ReactOS quite honestly is seemingly being pushed by rabid anti theists
and there is a strong mob mentality on issues of how to do things.  The
GCC verses MSVC debate comes to mind.

I went by nute on the ReactOS forums.  Look and you can see how dicey
things got.

There is the Linux Unified Kernel project, but how well that will allow
people to run Windows programs on a Linux system directly is yet to be
seen.  I bet that LUK has a better chance of working than ReactOS quite

Steer clear of the reactos irc channel, there is no moderating and there
is a horrific and horrendous mob mentality.

I would like a direct replacement for Windows 98SE which supports a lot
of games and other software that is now orphanware.  There is hardware
for Windows 9x that doesn't work on NT based versions of Windows.  I
realize that this is not a Freedos 1.1 thing or potentially even a
Freedos 3.0 thing.  An alternative is to revive Freedos 32 and develop
a simple GUI for it that will attract open source programmers.

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