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> ReactOS is neither a stable nor potentially even a promising project
> anymore depending on who you talk to.  Sadly, I got kicked off of the
> forum boards and the IRC channel.  I haven't been back since.
> I don't like when people say, "ReactOS is cloning Windows under the
> GPL and this work doesn't need to be done," because the job
> isn't getting done.  ReactOS could stay in alpha easily for another
> 10+ years because there are not enough developers and possibly the
> developers that are working on ReactOS don't have all of the needed
> skill sets let enough enough time to dedicate to the project.

They have got a very long way and it's a tremendously impressive
project. You do them a grave disservice by criticising & bad-mouthing
them thus.

I also think it's a pointless, futile & unproductive effort and a
colossal waste of work by a lot of smart, dedicated people.

> ReactOS isn't going to be a Windows replacement that runs on top of
> Freedos.

No, and a very good job to.

> Suggesting that ReactOS run on top of Freedos on
> any of the ReactOS forums or the ReactOS IRC channel will bring down
> a lot of criticism upon you and most likely more than you can handle.

And they are absolutely right to do so. It is a ridiculous idea.

> ReactOS quite honestly is seemingly being pushed by rabid anti theists

What the...? What have their religious beliefs got to do with anything?

As it happens, I am an evangelistic anti-theist myself, but this is
utterly irrelevant to any technical discussion whatsoever.

> and there is a strong mob mentality on issues of how to do things.

Well, there are a whole bunch of people doing stuff and 10x as many
who contribute nothing but want to tell them how to proceed. I can
understand how & why they'd get annoyed.

>  The
> GCC verses MSVC debate comes to mind.

Well, I reckon they should be using GCC myself, but then, the whole
project is instant toast if MS ever notices it anyway.

> I went by nute on the ReactOS forums.  Look and you can see how dicey
> things got.

Ahhh, I remember reading some of that. *You* were that trouble-maker,
were you? [Laughs]

> There is the Linux Unified Kernel project, but how well that will allow
> people to run Windows programs on a Linux system directly is yet to be
> seen.  I bet that LUK has a better chance of working than ReactOS quite
> honestly.

It has a snowball's chance in a supernova.

> Steer clear of the reactos irc channel, there is no moderating and there
> is a horrific and horrendous mob mentality.
> I would like a direct replacement for Windows 98SE which supports a lot
> of games and other software that is now orphanware.

Absurd. You apparently have no conception of the amount of work & code
involved, and why on earth would a whole team of volunteers spend
years cloning a large, complex, obsolete & dead OS that was already
technically irrelevant a decade ago?

I'm suggesting cloning something that was 200KB in size which came
from a dead company who no longer even have the sources. You're
suggesting something that is around TWO THOUSAND TIMES BIGGER and
represented 15Y of work to create, from a very large, aggressive,
threatening company which is still trading, is selling a derived
product under the same name, and which is famed for attacking rivals &
putting them out of business.

You need professional psychiatric help if you think that's a good idea.

> There is hardware
> for Windows 9x that doesn't work on NT based versions of Windows.

Then use Win9x and stop complaining.

>  I
> realize that this is not a Freedos 1.1 thing or potentially even a
> Freedos 3.0 thing.  An alternative is to revive Freedos 32 and develop
> a simple GUI for it that will attract open source programmers.

Thus completely ignoring and failing to address my reasoned argument
why that would be a bad idea. Gooood...

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