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Mike Brutman informed me that he has improved his free networking 
software mTCP for DOS / FreeDOS. Applications now include a new telnet 
client. (See his mail below).

Mike is willing to make the code open source, so this could be very 
interesting for the FreeDOS community and other developers for DOS.

Downloads and information about mTCP can be found at his website

I already tested his ftp-software last year, which turned out to be 
faster than anything else under DOS (see: 

Have fun trying it out - and please send your feedback to Mike.
  Ok well this software, requires modem, and eternet, I am thinking about, or 
would like to just connect 2 computers, (laptop) and Table top(IBM), both
have fredos, and boot with freedos, I would like to connect the laptop to the
bigger computer,  but with just a  cross over cable,Can FreeDos suport this?
or what software do I need,Is there any?...just for Dos ,not for windows,well
if the software supported windows thats fine, but more important is Dos....
and I am not exactly sure how to do this, any suggestions?..Just a simple
connection, as they are both mine, I dont need or want passwords, etc...
just simple file viewing,copy,edit,delete or moveing......ok amy way if it is 
not that simple, as simple as I  can find...thanks....
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    Garrison Ricketson
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