Am 15.07.2010 23:20, schrieb Willi Wasser:
>If it's just a simple file transfer, then a NETCAT program
> (which can be used in server _or_ client role) will do.
> Mike Brutman has such a program in his collection and
> i wrote a similar one, which i called NTOOL. It can be
> downloaded from here:
> Which one you eventually prefer will be a matter of personal taste.

I tried out your ntool. It works perfectly over a crossover cable. 
Mike Brutmans nc program also transfered a testfile without problem. 
The documentations of both programs come with easy examples how to 
transfer files.

Until now I accomplished file transfers between freedos boxes over 
crossover cable by
- FTP (server: EZNOS2, Datalight sockets, ftpsrv32 from the WATT32 
- Netcat (ntool, nc)
- IPXCOPY (which I found interesting to discover...)
- MS Client (with netbeui protocol)

I also experimented with Kermit but didn't get it to work so far...

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