Hi all,

I partially agree with Marco:

> I propose to release just a 1.1 base system boot  + drivers + system
> utilities (sys, format and so on)  just 2 or 3 floppies.
> So everybody can update the apps as needed on their own need and
> willing (as usual on msdos)

However, I do not agree about the floppy part. It should
be easier to take the 1.0 ISO and replace those package
zips which got updates with the fresh versions available
in the fdupdate repository :-) A few known bugs in the
installer should also be fixed (see wiki) but I do NOT
think that main installer should undergo big changes.

For those who REALLY want a floppy distro, something based
on the Rugxulo distro would be nice. His distro already is
much more up to date than FreeDOS 1.0, and it is available
as 1, 2 or 3 floppies or one 2.88 MB floppy e.g. for making
bootable CD images. It includes BASE and some freeware. The
sources are a separate download, not shaped as floppy image.

We could also make a bootable USB stick (download as tool or
as image? What is normal for other OS installers?)... Given
current hardware standards I would suggest to support only
386+ with VGA for the CD and USB versions, for simplicity.

There should be an easy way to disable UMB / USB / network
driver install and usage to have a faster and more stable
install for those who do not need or use USB or network.
Of course UMB/EMM drivers should always be installed but
there should be an easy way to skip loading them at boot.

For the ISO / USB packaging it would of course be good to
include updated drivers and tools where easily available.
However, making a full 1.1 ISO with ALL packages from 1.0
full could be much more work while many "extra" programs
still are the same version as in FreeDOS 1.0 days anyway.

This all are just my personal opinions - As Pat said, he is
working to gather some more ideas before we make decisions.


> 2010/8/9, Pat Villani:
>> We are assessing what needs to be done in order to scope out the
>> effort.  I am just now starting to talk to the maintainers.

> Robert wrote:
>>> As time passes by and I didn't hear anything from the update guys for
>>> the last month: Is there any progress on bringing FreeDOS 1.1 to life?

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