If the processor overheats with other OS's like IBM PC DOS(any version) then
could it be the hardware.  I'm guessing obviously.  I just can't remember an
old DOS portable(transportable) like an old 15 kg Compaq that would overheat
this way.

I've built power-supplies from parts and I've never seen a situation where a
CPU would overheat under an particular OS like FlexOS or MS-DOS or FreeDOS.
I keep thinking it's related to hardware.

Someone please point me to an online article that would support this idea of
an OS specific overheating power-supply.

Are there Dust-Bunnies inside the power-supply?  Is the p-s fan working?  Is
there a CPU fan and is it working?

Is the p-s broken?  Do you have a volt meter? If so check the p-s outputs.
Is it grounding on the chassis?  Is it arching to ground when the p-s warms

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