I normally don't use FDAPM or POWER, but did a little bit of testing after 
reading this.  If you load FDAPM first and then load my USB drivers, there is 
indeed a problem and the keyboard doesn't work properly.  If you load the USB 
drivers first and then load FDAPM afterwards, everything seems to work just 

I also tried using MS POWER (installed in CONFIG.SYS), and everything works 
fine with my USB drivers installed afterwards.

So, as an alternative to what you're doing now, either use POWER instead of 
FDAPM, or install FDAPM after installing the USB drivers instead of before.  In 
either case, though, you still seem to have a hardware problem -- there's no 
legitimate reason the CPU should get hot enough to start causing data 
corruption.  The purpose of programs like FDAPM & POWER is to extend battery 
life, component life, and reduce overall power consumption, not to keep the 
computer from overheating and destroying data.

I'll try to investigate this before the next release of the USB drivers and see 
if I can figure out exactly what the problem is.

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