On 11/29/10, Santiago Almenara <almen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have set up a FreeDOS-only machine so I can remember my DOS times. Right
> now, I have installed Open Watcom 1.9 but I don't know how to compile
> anything

"whelp" is your friend.

> Is there any DOS IDE inside the installer??

No, but it comes with its own text editor (vi clone). That's as close
as you're going to get by default. Of course you could grab any other
external tool, e.g. this old Watcom DOS IDE:


(srcs for that exist somewhere too, but I don't know a link offhand)

If you just want examples that compile with OpenWatcom, see here:


(some FreeDOS tools use OpenWatcom, but I can't remember any offhand
except the kernel)

> How do I compile 16-bit-only DOS software from command line?

As already mentioned, "wcl" should do it.

> I have looked almost everywhere from wikis and tutorials and can't find the
> answer.

This list is a good place to ask questions, but you can also ask on
news://openwatcom.users.c_cpp (if desired). If you have any further
errors, please tell us so we can help you further.

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