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Subject: [Freedos-user] location of autoexec.bat?
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I'm running the LiveCD (fdbasews.iso).

Where on the c: drive is an autoexec.bat file that I can edit so as to
change the path when running from the LiveCD?

(In other words: where on the C: drive does the live CD look to see if
there's an autoexec.bat file that it needs to execute?)

  Doc Evans

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I was going to say , pretty much the same , it sounds like he is going to need 
make another cd, with a autoexec.bat that is the path he wants. 
 This is because when the computer boots , it use the autoexec, on the CD, or 
it boots from the HD, the autoexec on the HD, you would need to edit the CD, 
but you can not edit CDs, like he said, so the only option, is change the path 
manually, like you mentioned, or make a new CD, you could just make a simple 
.bat file, the changes the path, even call it autoexec.bat, so if you have 
booted with the CD, and it says you are
useing drive A:\ , then it has created a virtual drive, just change to C: , 
where you have 
created the atutoexc.bat with the path ,etc you want,  type autoexec, hit 
enter...you could
name the bat file more short, AE.bat,...so all you do is type AE....hope I make 
I am not a big authority on this, but thats my idea....
good luck from Garry

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