Hi all,
Quite some time ago, I posted a problem that when I upgraded to FreeDOS 
1.0, my Borland 2.0 compiler started throwing errors that it couldn't 
find some object and library files to link. In desperation, I managed to 
get the compiler to work on an ancient laptop that was running FreeDOS 
0.9. A few months ago, that laptop died, and I had to try anything I 
could. I got an old PC and loaded the Borland compiler and source files 
on it. It gave odd errors like not being able to write what looked like 
temp files when I went into a DOS shell from BC. It still threw the 
linking errors. This made me suspicious, and I moved about 10 files from 
the project directory to a new directory and tried again. I managed to 
get the compiler to work after a bit of directory specification. What I 
think was the problem was that the project directory had well over 400 
files in it. I may have hit some kind of directory limit at the same 
time I upgraded FreeDOS to 1.0. I'm going to do more experimentation on 
this (and finish the job that has been hanging for so long), and I'll 
let you know what happens. If anyone else strikes this problem, this may 
be of assistance.


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