> I've visited the FreeDOS Wikipedia page that appears somewhat out of date

1.0 is still the latest release. Many utils had important updates since,
but no distro. Plus kernel 2039 has regressions compared to 2038.
I stopped waiting for 1.1 (feel free to shock me ...).

Anyone dares to remove the big nonsense about "compatibility"
with all those "different" versions of Windaube?

> Remember, Wikipedia is your friend.  It is a well traveled path.

Thanks for letting me know, but I'm not going to edit it anymore,
neither "FreeDOS" nor any other page.
The censors will revert and delete everything anyway,
as they are the smart guys. Beware that the page might
end up deleted for lack of notability one day. Everybody
uses DOG-BOX and DOG-EMU (already
advertized at "FreeDOS" page), nobody FreeDOS :-(

Most likely more people "actively" hating FreeDOS are
around that those using it.


~~~ wow ~~~

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