Hi Christian,

>> if not exist mydir/nul md mydir
>> Doesn't work on XP (I think?), but that's the typical "DOS" way.
> This kept bothering me for some reason, so I checked now.
> It appears to work just fine on MSW NT command lines, executing the  
> command after "if not exist dir\nul" if and only if that directory doesn't  
> exist. In NTVDM, it does work as well (only?) using the COMMAND.COM  
> supplied with NT; however, with other COMMAND.COMs (including FreeCOM) it  
> indeed doesn't work: device names (such as NUL and CON) apparently aren't  
> found.

As far as I remember, the DOS findfirst API is supposed to find
character devices (such as NUL) in any (existing) directory, so
this would depend more on DOS than on COMMAND, but I am not sure.


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