Hi Eric,

> As far as I remember, the DOS findfirst API is supposed to find
> character devices (such as NUL) in any (existing) directory, so
> this would depend more on DOS than on COMMAND, but I am not sure.

Without any further investigation, I'd say that's part of it. However,  
aside from the MSW program cmd.exe (which obviously doesn't use  
NTVDM-DOS's FindFirst) the NTVDM-COMMAND program (which at least partly  
works as V86-mode DOS program) does find the devices too. I guess it might  
not use the NTVDM-DOS interfaces internally and hence finds the devices.  
This would indicate NTVDM-DOS's FindFirst and FindNext are broken  
(incompatible) in some way as you suggested.

I didn't get into the specifics earlier 'cause I didn't think it was  


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