> Some developers may not be too happy
> about the license choice, especially
> those who would like to grab your code
> and try to make money from it by making
> it part of an unfree software.

Let's be serious! Is there still a market for any kind of DOS out there? Does 
it have any commercial value out there? Can you still make such an amount of 
money with it, that it's worth to struggle about licensing issues?

For me it's a hobby. A little bit like those poeple who still operate steam 
railways nowadays. And it may be an attempt to show "the world" how else 
computers could be and that there is a difference between "technical progress" 
and the "latest fashion". Many of my programs are such that i should have 
written them fifteen years ago but i didn't back then due to various reasons. I 
am really not afraid that someone else could get rich with my software, my 
experience is rather that nobody really cares. So what?

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