Op 15-6-2011 16:51, Alain Mouette schreef:
> Hi, I am still having problems making an intaller from CD. I came across
> an HP machine (MS219BR) that no drive recognizes and also external USB
> CD drivers. So...
I'm not understanding your situation, got some more details?
Seems like you've got a non-IDE/SATA optical drive (thus 
COM/LPT/USB/SCSI/IEEE1394 etc) or maybe SATA with AHCI mode enabled, 
which DOS won't recognise in all situations.
You could add the FreeDOS ISO file to a bootCD which has Isolinux as 
bootloader and then have Isolinux/Memdisk load the ISO to system memory.
The DOS boot image inside of the inner ISO would have to have the 
ELTORITO.SYS driver so it can find the 'in-memory' CD image.

FreeDOS 1.0 has the boot sequence like this:
* Isolinux --> Memdisk --> FDBOOT.IMG (virtual A: , stored in memory, 
writable) --> driver for physical CDROM unit --> rest of FreeDOS CD --> 
Setup/Live environment

* Isolinux --> Memdisk --> FDBASECD.ISO --> Isolinux --> Memdisk --> 
--> Setup/Live environment

Come to think of it, the ELTORITO.SYS driver should simply already have 
found your booted CD, as it only loads for each non-emulation mode 
self-starting CD (as Isolinux is).

> How can I make a big (6Mb) bootable image to use in the CD?

Some larger images do exist, [ http://bootcd.narod.ru/images_e.htm ] has 
them listed, including a picture as proof:

You'll likely need to prove C/H/S (cilinder/head/sector) details to 
Isolinux then if using these non-standard sized images.
Linux can easily modify such images, for Windows I guess you'll need a 
program named WinImage (created by Gilles Vollant)

> This is the only part of the CD that I can read on *any* machine, I am
> using syslinux)

Assume you're using Isolinux :)
Using syslinux is entirely possible but involves floppy emulation, with 
the floppy image containing Syslinux. Quite a waste of assigning 
driveletter A: to it then :)

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