If certain programs are loaded immediately after booting, the
computer appears to be locked, but after moving the mouse
everything is back to normal, and the machine will not lock again
until the next boot.

Two examples of such programs are: the WBAT menu by Horst
Schäffer, and the DosZip file manager. I think there are several
others but I do not remember now.

For months and months this will happen every single time the
computer is booted and these programs are loaded, but then
suddenly the problem is gone for no apparent reason, to be back
again after some more months. It could be related to changes in
FDCONFIG.SYS and FDAUTO.BAT that we occasionally do, but I could
never identify the implicated lines.

I have observed this in several computers, and for the last
several years. If I remember correctly, it also happened when I
still was a MS-DOS user.

The problem does not manifest if the mouse is physically

Is there a way of fixing that?


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