Hi again,

On 7/15/11, Marcos Favero Florence de Barros <fav...@mpcnet.com.br> wrote:
>> I assume you want to add syntax highlighting for
>> something (Euphoria???).
> I've already done it for Euphoria. It was easy, because there
> were many similar sample config files.

Good to know.   ;-)

> Now I want to do it for the DataPerfect STE file, where  syntax
> highlighting would really help. But  the usual technique did not
> work, perhaps because the keywords have periods in them,  like:
> and many others.

You may be right about the periods. It's pretty difficult to support
every language syntax, which is why many editors can only halfway do
so (even my favorite TDE, which shares some code with FTE, I think).

> So I'm trying to write the syntax parser, but the logic is not clear to me 
> yet.

Sadly, I haven't used FTE that much, and certainly haven't hacked up
any syntax highlighting myself (yet). Sorry.

>> BTW, what version are you using? I assume rr's DJGPP build
> That's right.

Okay, just checking. I assumed it had better examples than older one.

Sorry I can't help more.   :-(     Hopefully someone else here (or
maybe rr himself?) knows FTE better.

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