The FreeDOS wiki says that NASM is the reference assembler. However,
when I use FreeDOS DEBUG to disassemble (unassemble?) a com file,
the syntax for addressing memory is not NASM syntax.

C:\ASM>debug psp.com                                                          
-u 100,118                                                                    
0A27:0100 BB8000        MOV     BX,0080
0A27:0103 3E8B0F        MOV     CX,DS:[BX]
0A27:0106 30ED          XOR     CH,CH
0A27:0108 43            INC     BX
0A27:0109 E80200        CALL    010E
0A27:010C CD20          INT     20
0A27:010E B40E          MOV     AH,0E
0A27:0110 3E8A07        MOV     AL,DS:[BX]
0A27:0113 CD10          INT     10
0A27:0115 43            INC     BX
0A27:0116 E2F8          LOOP    0110
0A27:0118 C3            RET

As opposed to:

MOV             BX,0x0080
MOV             CX,[DS:BX]
XOR             CH,CH
INC             BX
CALL            0x010E
INT             0x20
MOV             AH,0x0E
MOV             AL,[DS:BX]
INT             0x10
INC             BX
LOOP            0x0110

This might be a little off topic, but when I try to reassemble it,
NASM gives the error:

11: error: short relative jump outside segment
11: error: short jump is out of range

Sorry if this is a bit off topic


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