Hi Jeffrey,

> The FreeDOS wiki says that NASM is the reference assembler. However,
> when I use FreeDOS DEBUG to disassemble (unassemble?) a com file,
> the syntax for addressing memory is not NASM syntax.

This is intentional - DEBUG uses the same assembly language
syntax as MS DEBUG, so existing scripts for DEBUG can also
be used with FreeDOS DEBUG. If you want to disassemble some
COM file and reassemble it with NASM, simply use NDISASM to
disassemble, written by the same people as NASM itself :-)

On the other hand, the main DEBUG / NASM difference is that
DEBUG always uses hex without explicitly using "0x" prefixes
or "h" suffixes (NASM accepts both) so you could transform
the syntax manually or with a script ;-) As you also noticed
there is a difference in far pointer syntax DS:[BX] / [DS:BX].

Regards, Eric

PS Bernd: Can we include both NASM and NDISASM in FreeDOS 1.1?
I find NDISASM very useful for debugging and analysis etc :-)
Heavier, related items would be 386SWAT, DPMIONE, DOS32A, UPX.

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