Op 2-8-2011 4:08, e.a...@jpberlin.de schreef:
>> - install Freedos 1.1T3

>> Ran through in almost no time, wow!
>> I got the same error message from Jemm, but pressing ESC continued
>> booting the installer.
> Still sounds evil. I hope the installer can work without JEMM.

This is actually JEMM reporting FreeDOS KEYB 2.0 crashing.

>> - network
>> its a 3c905b. It should work using the NDIS driver included with
>> Barts
>> Network Boot Disk. Does it work with freedos out of the box or do I
>> have
>> to do this manually using this wiki page?
> That 3com series sounds classic, so I assume there will be a
> direct packet driver on crynwr which does not need NDIS/ODI.

Networking is a pain in DOS. Wired Network Interface Cards connected to 
motherboard through ISA or PCI interface will likely work. In most cases 
only drivers for the Novell stack (IPX/SPX, ODI ) and Microsoft TCP/IP , 
NDIS, MS-Client , SMB) seem to be available. Shim drivers exist to 
convert this to packet driver which most simple DOS networking programs 
understand. However I'm not sure if complete stacks have to be installed 
before the shims work or not (as neither the Novell nor MS stacks are 
freely distributable)

Pure packet drivers for network cards seem hardly to exist. A 'universal 
UNDI packet driver' has existed but was a commercial product from a 
company named Emboot, no longer in existance.

I'm currently experimenting with iPXE as a bootloader for starting 
FreeDOS installation. Already have it working, and it might support more 
network cards than normal dos packet drivers.

> Bart and Veder have some network boot disks on that topic.

and the 'http://reboot.pro' forums as well (formerly BootLand).

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