Op 8-8-2011 10:57, JPT schreef:
> I used the one from the 1.1 install CD.
> btw, I tried to get the most recent packages for download but...
> The freedos page only offers links to the developer's sites?
> So do they provide freedos compatible packages?
> ?!?!

the 1.1 install CD has both installers. The new one doesn't suit my 
automation purposes entirely yet as it doesn't switch to the target 
installation directory after finishing. While it's unable to do that, I 
can't determine what that directory is, and thus won't be able to let 
the post-install configuration script run to create autoexec.bat and 
config.sys files, install bootsector, etc.

When booting the CD, get to a command prompt, and type D:\SETUP.BAT TEST
(you might need to adjust the D:\ part if your CD drive has a different 
driveletter) and you should see the new installer in action.

The old one is present also on CD but its required parameters, as well 
as configuration files' location and contents, are a bit cryptic.
("install.exe /src x:\somedir /dst c:\somedir /df 
x:\blabla\install.min"). I'm thinking of renaming it to OLDINST.EXE and 
see what effect that has on this installer.

I'm also considering adding the new INSTALL program to a standard 
FreeDOS installation so programs can be easier installed (though FDPKG 
and FDUPD should be responsible for that).

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