Op 20-8-2011 11:33, Michael C. Robinson schreef:
> The 386 on up supports protection in hardware to a certain degree.  DOS
> has never been defined on modern 64 bit computers to my knowledge.  Of
> course, I suppose one could have protection be an optional thing.

I fail to see why these additional features would have any merits. 
There's other operating systems designed for this.

> ReactOS is possibly a decade out from being stable.  I probably can't
> even compile an installable ISO right now.  It isn't entirely clear why,


I've used the build environment and sourcecode as well a while ago, but 
prefer to download straight ISO files for use in VMware.

> but the ReactOS project is hitting some major show stoppers.  Not to bad
> mouth the project, but ReactOS may not reach Beta for a few years and
> the 1.0 release could be a decade off.  We are heading towards years end
> here and still no 0.4.x release of ReactOS.  Freedos seems to be

FreeDOS hasn't had a release in over 5 years, I hope to correct that as 
it's a pain to have to manually update and configure everything, very 
distracting from whatever use people have for actually booting into DOS.

I hope to see a release of both these operating systems, and yes I admit 
finding bugs and issues. Nonetheless ReactOS is getting more and more 
usable as a typical small desktop OS (running programs in a basic mode 
as most people use their machine: running webbrowser, office suite, 
instant messenger software, a music player, etc).

> advancing faster at the moment.  I hope I'm wrong about ReactOS and I do
> recognize people's thinking that if you want Windows you want ReactOS.
> An advanced Opengem that can run a modern web browser which has drivers
> for modern network chipsets and printers really might be nice where
> making opengem 32 bit with drivers for modern hardware should be easier
> than say cloning Windows 3.11 for workgroups.

I fail to see how a 32bit graphical environment on top of DOS, with its 
own drivers, would be worthwhile pursueing. Webbrowsers don't have their 
own drivers. The HX Extender written by Japheth seems to be your best 
chance at getting Win32 programs (like browsers) running.

The only suitable hardware for being supported seem to be USB (various 
stacks available, none complete set of drivers though) and perhaps 
memory over 4GB for cache and ramdisk support. That would require some 
heavy modifications to XMS drivers though.

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