> I would imagine that Freedos in 16 bit mode can't use multiple cores

It can't actively take benefit from them, but it still runs, FYI :shock:

> One of the problems with DOS that I recall is a total
> lack of hardware protection


> Unfortunately, accessing hardware directly
> instead of through a __well__ __defined__ __interface__
> makes supporting that software a nightmare.

Right. Do you know an OS with such a __well__ __defined__ __interface__ ???

> I'm thinking the goal for protected mode Freedos that is 32 or 64 bit
> should be providing a hypervisor to run multiple instances of 16 bit
> Freedos or even Linux instances.

I'm sufficiently happy with ONE FreeDOS-16 instance and
ZERO Loonix instances.

> ReactOS is possibly a decade out from being stable.

Please bug on ReactOS forum about this.

> I think there were some ideas about DOS extenders for using
> multi core multithreading within DOS apps

HX 2.15 + 7-ZIP ... never came out.

> pbzip2 compresses multiple parts of a file in parallel, so you
> can compress one large file much faster by using many cores

1. Compression degrades
2. How do you glue the out fragments then ???
3. Needs >=16 GiB RAM for file cache (and input should be < 8 GiB)

> Why would I take the effort to port mencoder

It's useless ;-)

> Yes I can imagine making 1000 thumbnails in DOS or compressing
a CD-ROM ISO with pbzip2 in DOS in theory.

Why theory only ?

> But then I also know that FAT32 cannot even
> handle DVD or BluRay ISO file sizes
> and my 1000 pics would not get from SD card to the DOS PC at decent
> speed anyway, single core thumbnailing still faster than USB...


1. Bring out FreeDOS 1.1
2. Fix 4 GiB file size limit and improve USB
999'999'999'999. Add support for > 1 CPU cores

> But maybe others have more ideas "why to DOS on 4 GHz 12-cores".

Video (but not MENCODER) ?

IIRC such discussions (64-bit - 1'000'000'000 cores - GUI OS -
multitaxing - ...) come again and again ... so what :-D

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