2011/9/14, Michael C. Robinson <plu...@robinson-west.com>:

> [..]  One interesting option on say a quad
> core system is to have the 32 bit OS partition the memory, the monitor,
> the hard disk, and the cpu cores so you can have multiple concurrent 16
> bit Freedos instances.

Something similar have been done even at 386-times. Ever heard about PC/MOS-386?

> Since you are running the equivalent of DOSBOX concurrently,

Most probably you can run on your multicore machine concurrent
sessions of DOSBOX (or DOSEMU).

> modern hardware can emulate older hardware.  Now you have
> a clean means of supporting modern hardware for people using old DOS
> applications.  Want your multi function printer to appear as a standard
> printer, fax machine, and scanner?  No problem.

I'm not that sure - but someone of FreeDOS developers will surely know
better, if it won't be any problem.

But, actually, why you want another DOSBOX to be created? You've got
already DOSBOX and DOSEMU... it's not enough?

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