Op 28-9-2011 18:13, Koh Choon Lin schreef:
> 1. I currently have 4 PCs on MSDOS 6.22 and Win3.1 that I hope to
> migrate to FreeDOS in a few months time. They are all Pentium class
> with 8 - 64 MiB RAM and support booting from CDROM. Their purpose is
> to surf the web and basic editing of documents .TXT.
> 2. Is there a checklist before I upgrade over?

Not that specific. FreeDOS utilities are generally usable under MSDOS as 
well. The only big issue is getting Windows 3.1 to run. Perhaps DRDOS is 
more suitable for that.

> 3. Are there any books on FreeDOS?

only about the DOS-C kernel, its author is the late Pat Villani. Regular 
documentation is available on www.freedos.org
Other documentation on www.fdos.org and wiki.fdos.org (or wiki.fdos.info).

A general help is available at:

> 4. Thanks.

You're welcome, goodluck with testing and migrating

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