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> 1. I currently have 4 PCs on MSDOS 6.22 and Win3.1 that I hope to
> migrate to FreeDOS in a few months time. They are all Pentium class
> with 8 - 64 MiB RAM and support booting from CDROM. Their purpose is
> to surf the web and basic editing of documents .TXT.

Sounds good, though as mentioned, FreeDOS does have some issues with
Win 3.1 due to rare bugs. I gather that the kernel devs never were too
interested in Win 3.x, but I can't help but wonder if it's not THAT
hard to fix, esp. since DOSEMU and DOSBox etc. handle it fine. Oh
well, wishful thinking.

BTW, anybody know which kernel is best for Win 3.x? Is it still 2037
or did that get migrated to 2039 and 2040 also? What exactly did it do

Is there a checklist? This is as close as I know of, offhand:


(quote from above):
"Windows 3.0 and 3.1 must be run in STANDARD mode (type WIN /S (unless
you installed the unstablx [2037] package), and SHARE must be loaded.
Otherwise Windows will crash as soon as you open a DOS box or DOS
program in it."

Anyways, you can actually dual boot both FreeDOS and MS-DOS. See MetaKern.


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