>>> I was wondering how secure is FreeDOS on a network.
>> FreeDOS has no network, so it is complete secure ;)
> Does that means FreeDOS would not be able to support multiplayer
> network DOS games like Doom, C&C, etc.. which MSDOS is able to do so
> with ethernet?

FreeDOS supports exactly the same games as MS DOS, but
in any DOS, networking is NOT part of the CORE of the
operating system. In other words, nobody can hack your
FreeDOS or MS DOS over the network, but people could
hack your Doom or C+C over the network if they had a
security problem - that would not depend on which DOS
you use to play those games :-) In DOS, you just load
network drivers to "have them around". Then the games
can use them, but the operating system will not. Note
that you could also load a driver for, say, networked
printers - then the security of those drivers matters
but again not the network security of DOS itself :-)


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