I know the topic has been discussed here before, but I'm still
struggling with this problem.

I multi-boot Win2K Pro, Ubuntu Linux, Puppy Linux, and FreeDOS on an
old Fujitsu Lifebook.  It has a 40GB IDE HD, with a 20GB primary
partition for 2K, and an extended partition with a 512MB swap areas
used by Ubuntu and Puppy, a bit over 8GB each for Ubuntu and Puppy,
and a 2GB slice for FreeDOS, formatted as FAT32.

This used to work.

I had to do a clean reinstall of Win2K to resolve problems.  This
replaced the MBR and broke Grub2.  I was able to put Grub2 back and
recover the earlier multi-boot setup, but booting FreeDOS was broken.
Attempts to do so from the Grub menu return NOT FOUND KERNEL.SYS.

KERNEL.SYS does exist in the root directory of the FAT32 slice, and
can be seen as C:\ if I boot from a FreeDOS boot floppy.

Following other suggestions here, I've upgraded to kernel 2040 for
FAT32, and SYSed it to the HD using the latest SYS.  I still get the
not found error.

As far as I can tell, the Grub menu entry is correct, and fiddling
with various parameters has brought no success.

My next step might be to copy the stuff I want to preserve over to the
Win2K slice form Win2K, then delete and recreate the FreeDOS partition
and do a clean install, but it's not clear that will solve the


Thanks in advance.

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