A kiosk is a multiple user system, but not necessarily a
simultaneously multiple user system.  So DOS will work most likely.
Chances are though, the DOS system files and tools themselves need to be
on read only memory if there is any possibility of a person being at a
command line and making a mistake or doing something malicious.  DOS
used in a kiosk breaks down if there is any persistent data tied to a
particular person that needs to be saved on the kiosk, but often that
isn't what you actually want.  A large ROM and a lot of ram placing data
on a ram drive is an option.  Hit the reset button, the data is gone.
Freedos in particular boots up quickly, so users can hit the reset
button and the next person will be able to use the system shortly.
Dos is simple compared to Linux, less to go wrong and troubleshoot.
Dos supports some software that no other environment supports.
Dos with local only area networking on a kiosk may be connected 
to a true multiuser multitasking OS so that individual user data 
can be saved securely.  A kiosk in essence should be just a terminal 
to a more advanced server.  The advantage of a true single user fast
booting OS is that you can hit the reset button and you won't damage
it.  Don't hit the reset button on a Linux system, it may not boot

> Why are you assuming said DOS system will be accessed by multiple
> strangers?  For things like FreeDOS, there will be a single user who
> installs it in the first place and runs it after it is.  While it's
> theoretically possible to set up DOS in a VM so that different users
> have different DOS systems, t's far more bother than it's worth.
> If I am setting up a kiosk, DOS is *not* what I'll use.

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