>what type of usb controllers.....

the usbhosts utility reports all uhci but one, a single ehci; the mobo is
an MSI ms-7393,circa '04ish. I'm sure it.s the machine, because duse does
the same thing, ant the old potthast free version
does it too. The duse is even nastier, since rebooting won't clear the
keyboard, even a cold boot from the front panel; *you have to pull the
plug!*. it's as if it is monkeying with the bios settings,
which by the way, for legacy are greyed out and not accesible. Even playing
with which controller to use, the keyboard not only sends the wrong chars,
but it doesn't stay the same; meaning
behaves one way, and then a totally different way as if "something in there
is loose". I will never again buy a mobo with no PS2!
By the way, I have w98 on that machine, and the old nus33 usb drver
actually works on that. Richard<wb2...@gmail.com>.
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