I use it as my main OS, running on real hardware (no emulation),
typically on Pentiums 100-300 MHz, both desktops and portables.

I also have at home one machine with Linux Ubuntu and one with
Windows XP, but I only use them when necessary, typically to
open PowerPoint or Word files, which is pretty rare actually.

All the rest I do in FreeDOS. That includes:

    - Text, with Aurora and its amazing macro language, Latex
      (EmTex distribution) for engineering and scientific
      articles which I help write and edit, WordPerfect 6, and a
      bunch of other great editors such as TDE
      (Thomson-Davis-Hood), FTE (Marko Macek), SetEdit (Salvador

    - Spreadsheets.

    - Relational databases (with the rock-solid DataPerfect),

        * Almost 20 of them for my personal use, and

        * The ones I did as voluntary work for public health 
          centers, which doctors and nurses have been using for 
          12 hours every week day since 2005 with amazing 
          reliability. I can remember about 3 "problems" in 
          those seven years: one corrupted file, one 
          disconnected power cord, and one physically sabotaged 
          computer. That was about it.

    - Internet:

        * Links, Arachne, and now Dillo for browsing, and

        * PMSMTP and TCPMAIL to send and receive emails, with
          help of an email reader which I wrote myself.

    - Programming in Euphoria, including -- I'm proud to say --
      some rather complex stuff for a non-professional like me.

    - Technical drawing with Desi-III.

    - Many other assorted uses.

Basically, my reasons for using (Free)DOS are:

    * The relative simplicity of DOS as compared to Linux,
      Windows, etc., which allows me to be much more in control
      of my machine without having to be a computer professional.

    * Speed and reliability.

    * Utter disgust for the consumerism pervading so much of
      daily life, including computers. A confession: I secretly
      hope to help people realize that it is not mandatory to
      change all hardware and software every 3 years.

I'm very happy about my choice of OS, and especially so since
2007 when I moved from MS-DOS to FreeDOS. I have no plans to
change. As a bonus, I even get a sense of community by
participating in this discussion list :-)

My favorite outrageous story: a couple of years ago I switched
from dialed to broadband internet connection, for which I needed
some help from my internet service provider. When I told them I
used FreeDOS, they said it is impossible, and proceeded to
explain me that Linux has a console mode that looks just like
DOS, and therefore I must have been using my computer all these
years unaware that its OS is Linux. Only after I said that I had
myself partitioned and formatted the hard disk and installed
FreeDOS were they (somewhat) more convinced.

I don't miss a chance to express my gratitude to the FreeDOS 
developers, as well as others who have written great DOS 
programs and generously donated them. Thanks, everyone.


Marcos Fávero Florence de Barros
Campinas, Brazil

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