I ported a WYSIWYG text processing program called FlWriter to DOS based on 
my port of the FLTK GUI toolkit. I also added and extended many functions.

FlWriter has a graphical user interface and displays the text in different 
fonts, plus bold, italic and underline. You can select text with the mouse 
and then cut and paste it. There is a search function and the text can be 
idented if required.

For printing the graphics of the entered text you can select Postscript or 
PDF file output and you can also generate print files for HP printers like 
Deskjet or Laserjet as well as Canon Bubblejet.

FlWriter will import HTML, RTF, PDF and plain text files. It can export RTF, 
Latex and text files.

Please find screenshots of this program here:

It can be downloaded using this link:


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