Op 10-4-2012 18:21, Eric Auer schreef:
> it seems even on modern hardware unpacking FreeCOM
> during install may take VERY long, so we need a fix:

This seems to be specific to the old installer (v3.7.8 by Jeremy) I 
think, as that unpacks entire packages. Sourcecode modification would be 
required to add a "-x source/*". Alternatively, or additionally, if 
someone modified the new installer (v4.01 by Jim) to switch to 
destination directory after unpacking files, that would also work.

> - it is good to have source and binary in one zip

There's some disadvantages though, download size being one of them, 
memory size and loading times in other specific conditions. A 16MB 
binary-only ISO has its merits also.

> - but you can use info-zip's command line options
>    (-x source/*) to exclude sources from unzip :-)

New installer already does this, reason why this new installer isn't 
unconditionally enabled yet is that I dislike having to search entire 
partitions for a single (post-installation) file just to find out where 
files were installed to.

> - a default install does not need sources, as the
>    user can always fetch those from the zip later

I've never liked programs with many options/switches, so confusing and 
often also lacking examples.

> - users should be warned that install without XMS
>    drivers will be horribly slow due to lack of RAM

I intend to offer loading of XMS driver at runtime as an option. (JEMMEX 
LOAD or DEVLOAD XMGR.SYS). However this doesn't solve low memory 
situation as FreeCOM can't relocate itself. Hence my perhaps decade-old 
request to have a tiny init shell that spawns, in a loop FreeCOM in a 
non-permanent way, so FreeCOM can be started a second time automatically 
if exiting the first FreeCOM instance. With that, automatic relocation 
to XMS.


> - actually I would not even OFFER a boot menu item
>    to skip loading the XMS driver at all: You cannot
>    even boot the install CD / USB on old pre-XMS PC.
> Excluding sources from unzipping instead of unzipping
> and then deleting them also saves CPU time and disk
> activity time and temporarily disk storage space :-)

Deleting files can take ages indeed. By the way, I'm considering 
7-zipping sourcecode of programs that can't be compiled in DOS. Saves a 
bit of space.

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