> Actually a GOOD thing in emulation is that you do not need DOS
> drivers for all your new hardware, be it for example UMTS or WLAN
> internet, HDA or AC97 sound, USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse,
> touchpad, tablet...

This _can_ be a good thing, depending on the emulator.  The emulation of 
various devices can be flaky or non-existent, depending on the scenario.

I have a terrible time with the keyboard in VirtualPC under Vista, e.g.  Some 
emulators won't let you access a "real" hard drive partition with DOS in the VM 
-- effectively making each virtual machine totally independent of the others 
with no way (or at least no direct way) to share data.  Or, even if they do, 
access to the "real" partition is annoyingly slow.

Emulators are not a complete answer -- you are merely trading one set of 
problems with a different one.  In general, I find "real" DOS much easier to 
live with than emulated DOS.

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