> > Aha! So that's why one of my favorite text editors won't run in
> > some machines; it' the same error message, and it uses the
> > Borland interface too.

> Which editor?  An assortment use the Borland interface.  Some
> are based on the old Borland Editor Toolkit, but I believe there
> are a few more modern variants in Pascal that don't.

It's a shareware from 1995 called Vision Edit, by PrimaSoft. 
It's not sophisticated like Aurora, but it's practical and I 
like it.

I fixed the problem yesterday: in the batch file that runs it, I
added a line "FDAPM speed3" to drop processor speed below 200
MHz, and then "FDAPM speed8" in the end to return to normal

This is the *third* thing I do in order to continue using this 
particular program. The other two are: loading Japheth's 
HDPMI16.EXE because apparently the original DPMI won't work 
under FreeDOS, and loading DPAKBD to make it FDAPM-aware.


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