old thread ;)

There were in the past conflicts with KEYB 2.00 and JEMM that were
apparently solved with KEYB 2.01.
The NOHI option mostly controlls KEYB access to XMS, but reading this
thread, and knowing what I fixed 2.00 to 2.01, I suspect JEMM may make the
DOS' memory allocation strategy functions less robust than they are with
other DOSes.
In case it helps JEMM...


El viernes, 13 de enero de 2012, Ulrich Hansen <uhan...@mainz-online.de>
> Am 13.01.2012 um 18:54 schrieb Bernd Blaauw:
>> Op 13-1-2012 16:11, Ulrich Hansen schreef:
>>> Description: I have installed FreeDOS 1.1 with german language and
keyboard. If I boot (after a fresh install) with bootmenu option 1 (Load
FreeDOS with JemmEx) keyb will crash with the error message:
>>> Keyboard layout     : C:\FDOS\bin\keyboard.sys:GR [858]    (3)
>>> Critical error: cannot allocate memory. DOS reported error: 8
>> could you try adding "/NOHI" at your KEYB line please?
> Wow. This worked!
> In AUTOEXEC.BAT I have now a line:
> KEYB GR,,keyboard.sys /NOHI
> In FDCONFIG.SYS I went back to all the original settings of FreeDOS 1.1.
So the JemmEx line looks like this again:
>> X=TEST is just a test for checking which UMB areas are (un)safe to use.
>> Could you perhaps try adding X=TEST to option 2 (EMM386) ? See if that
>> works. I've not been able to reproduce your case in VMWARE Workstation 8.
> X=TEST is originally in option 2. The lines in FDCONFIG.SYS (untouched
after installation) look like this:
> So this is OK.
> I don't really understand why leaving out "X=TEST" in option 1 solved the
problem too. Testing the UMBs should lead to a more stable behavior of
JEMMEX.EXE. Instead it crashed KEYB somehow. It's odd but it's easy to
reproduce with any fresh FreeDOS installation on VirtualBox with the
default settings (and choosing german keyboard layout).
> Anyway, starting KEYB with /NOHI seems to be the more elegant and logical
> Thanks!
> If this could be the default in FreeDOS, I think it would help other
users. At least the german ones... ;-)
> regards
> Ulrich
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