> Recently there was a thread
> about concurrent file access in the network - apparently FreeDOS
> SHARE and kernel support for it are not as good as in MS DOS

... where this "not as good" support apparently amounts to "may corrupt  
your file system when concurrent write access occurs". This, naturally, is  
expected for MS-DOS-lacking-"SHARE" semantics; with the FreeDOS kernel  
though, there seems to be some missing functionality even with its "SHARE"  
loaded! [I just created and ran a particular test on the latest kernel  
release (build 2041 compiled 2012-02-07) with the latest "SHARE"  
(2005-09-14) loaded and it reproducibly causes clusters to be lost. I  
believe that more serious file system corruption is possible as well.]

Concurrent file (write) access is often incorrectly conflated with  
networking, but can in fact occur even on a single-tasking "single user"  
system that doesn't run anything network-related. (For historical reasons,  
most typical DOS programs try to avoid accessing files in a way that would  
expose such problems, of course.)


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