Hi Christian!

http://www.freedos.org/download/ has bootable FreeDOS 1.1 and
also 1.0 ISO images with and without sources. Note that with
the new version, there is no version without sources available
but you can simply decide to not install (unzip) the sources
when you install. Having a no-source version would of course
be a smaller download... 1.0 is 8 or 49 MB, 1.1 is 40 MB yet.

By the way, FreeDOS boots from a virtual bootable floppy. You
can either use MEMDISK, of the ISOLINUX boot loader toolkit,
or use a CD writing software of your choice to turn any real
boot floppy (1.44 or even 2.88 MB) or image into the booting
part of a data CD or DVD. In both cases, FreeDOS first must
load CD/DVD drivers before it can use the data part. Both in
FreeDOS 1.0 and 1.1, we went for the MEMDISK path. Of course
all of this is only interesting if you want to MODIFY the ISO
because if you only want to USE it - download our ISO! Enjoy!

Regards, Eric

PS: If you have further questions, feel free :-)
PPS: I do also speak German, "obviously"... ;-)

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