I used my port of the FLTK GUI toolkit to write a new desktop for DOS which 
I called SLWM. This allows you to select applications by clicking on the 
various icons on this desktop. SLWM runs in a loop of a small batch file. So 
when an application is selected SLWM terminates and leaves all the memory 
for the new application. SLWM restarts when the application terminates.

The package includes mostly my ported applications, FlWriter, Antipaint, 
Dillo, Mupdf etc. plus my paket drivers collection to establish an internet 
connection. You can add almost any DOS applications by adding a desktop 
entry file for it as you would for KDE or Gnome.

You can either download the SLWM desktop program and the applications to 
install them on your FreeDOS hard disk or download a bootable CD image with 
a FreeDOS distribution that runs the SLWM desktop and applications.

Included is a readme file which provides a lot of information how to use and 
install XFDOS. This readme file can also be viewed from the SLWM desktop by 
clicking on an icon.

Here is a screenshot of XFDOS:

Archives of the ISO CD image and for the hard disk installation can be 
downloaded here:

Please download XFDOS and see how it works for you.

Georg Potthast 

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