>>>>> Rugxulo  <rugx...@gmail.com> writes:
>>>>> On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 12:35 AM, Ivan Shmakov wrote:

 >> I'm interested in running multiple instances of FreeDOS within QEMU.
 >> So, my questions are:

 >> • QEMU offers a “simplified” networking hardware (AKA virtio); is
 >> there a packet driver for it for FreeDOS?

 > Dunno, doubt it, esp. if it's not just standard stuff and needs
 > special code.

        Well, my guess is that virtio should need much less code than,
        say, ne2k.  And with GNU/Linux as the guest, it runs
        considerably (as in: times) faster.

 > IIRC, most people use Crynwr's NE2000 there.

        BTW, I was unable to find any Crynwr's packet drivers on the
        FreeDOS 1.1 image?

 > (quoting old email from Erwin):

 > "
 > qemu -L . -m 64 -hda freedos.img -boot c -hdb fat:c:\fat -net
 > nic,model=ne2k_pci -net user
 > "

        ACK, thanks!

        Somehow, I've ended using mkdosdisk.sh to create
        ~/tmp/dos-exchange.image (thus -hdb ~/tmp/dos-exchange.image),
        which I access with Mtools from the host's side, like:

$ grep -F -- dos-ex .mtoolsrc 
drive x: file="/home/private/users/ivan/tmp/dos-exchange.image" partition=1
$ mdir x: 
 Volume in drive X has no label
 Volume Serial Number is 2599-F805
Directory for X:/


 >> PS.  Are there any promotional materials (flyers, posters, videos,
 >> etc.)  for FreeDOS that we can use on our Software Freedom Day
 >> celebration next month, BTW?

 > Online files to download (and print out) or actual physical copies?

        I'm sure it'd be both faster and cheaper to print it ourselves
        than to wait fo delivery, so I'm interested mainly in files.

 > http://www.freedos.org/images/

        ACK, thanks.

 > http://www.zazzle.com/freedos

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