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Am 16.09.2012 21:56, schrieb Ricardus Vincente:
>  I have looked around the FreeDOS web page and can't find them. I am
> looking to resurrect an old Zeos Pentium 90 that I have, but it won't
> boot from CD (its not a BIOS option), and it has no OS on it right now,
> so I am going to need to boot it from 3.5 floppy.
>  Are there any official IMG files that I can create a boot floppy from?

While it is not official, I really like the idea of
Rugxulo's RUFFIDEA distro. It packs most BASE programs

as listed here www.freedos.org/software/?cat=base and
dozens of other small, free, often open source, goodies
on just three floppy disks. The sources are on separate
downloads which are significantly larger, ca 5-8 MB for
each floppy image. Not totally up to date, Rugxulo will
be happy to post his wish-list, but definitely one of
the best things you can do with 3 floppies! :-) Maybe
somebody wants to help updating it?


The page also has a minimal one floppy boot floppy, in
style of the old (former?) fdos.org daily build disks.

>From my own experience, the OLD FreeDOS 1.0 "Brezel"
floppy distro experiment, two disks is an appropriate
amount of space for all BASE binaries, basic docs as
the HTMLHELP (which works even while zipped) and some
small pile of other goodies. The third disk of Brezel
was just a big zip with the doc/ directory wrapped up.
As a German-friendly distro, Brezel also contained a
German HTMLHELP and FreeCOM and localization things.

If you were to omit all text files and maybe drop a
few lesser-used apps, you CAN manage with one floppy
of running FreeDOS where MS DOS took 3 install disks
and probably more when you installed to floppies :-)

But as said, between two and four disks of FreeDOS
are just so much more fun than doing with just one.

Best, Eric :-)

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