I can do it this way:

1) configure VMware as Bridge PCnet NIC
2) use the drivers from netbootdisk.com for the driver inside VMware. 
the guy there is making an excelent job of collecting new drivers

It just works...


Em 19-09-2012 19:53, George Brooks escreveu:
> I'm experimenting with FreeDOS in an effort to find a solution for
> access to a legacy DOS application. The environment is an HP laptop
> (6730s) running Win7 32-bit, VMWare Player v5 and FreeDOS 1.1. All
> proceeds smoothly until I try to gain access to a printer share via
> MSClient. (This is the only way I can see to get the application to
> print.) The challenge occurs when attempting to load the driver for the
> laptop's ethernet card - a Marvell Yukon. The driver is named yuknd.dos.
> I've tried a number of configurations based on postings found on the
> web. In an effort to narrow the problem down I entered the following
> into fdconfig.sys:
> device=c:\net\yuknd.dos
> When stepping thru boot, this line results in the error message
> "Controller not found". What means, if any, are available to get over
> this? (The laptop also has wireless, but I suspect that is even more
> highly problematic.)
> Many thanks for sharing your wisdom.
> George
> ps: my apologies if my lack of understanding of lists has caused this to
> be a duplicate posting.
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