> It was possible to load some things in unused space in the area
> between 640KB and 1MB, and this space was referred as "upper" or
> "high" memory.

This is rather inaccurate. As I have indicated in my reply to the other  
thread, the 384 KiB above 640 KiB (this is the top part of the 1 MiB) are  
referred to as Upper Memory Area (UMA). Almost a full 64 KiB above the 1  
MiB (1024 KiB to 1088 KiB, linear address 10_0000h to 10_FFF0h) are what  
is referred to as the High Memory Area (HMA). LH, LOADHIGH is  
unfortunately misleadingly named in that its operation actually involves  
only the _Upper_ Memory Area, it has nothing to do with the High Memory  

>  You made it available by loading the HIMEM.SYS driver
> first.

This is incorrect, HIMEM generally only makes the HMA available to DOS (if  
a HMA is available at all). Generally, EMM386 makes blocks of the UMA, ie  
UMBs, available to DOS (again only if any UMBs are available at all).

> Your issue looks like either HIMEM.SYS wasn't loaded, and no high
> memory was available, or there was insufficient room in upper memory
> to load PCNTPK.

Again, HIMEM is not directly related to UMBs or LOADHIGH. Additionally,  
LOADHIGH should seldom fail in situations in which the same command  
lacking LOADHIGH would succeed, even if no or little space is available in  


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