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> I have a 4G scsi hard drive connect to an LSI Logic low profile scsi
> card.  I'm trying to install freedos 1.1 from
> a floppy disk.  Are there scsi drivers I can add to the disk?

Most such PCI cards likely you won't need one if you just want to boot from a 
HD attached to it. Most have a BIOS that automatically merges into the 
motherboard BIOS on boot. Some really old NCR cards don't have a BIOS, but 
will boot from an NCR BIOS embedded in the motherboard BIOS. Those probably 
stopped being made a decade or more ago. For support other than HDs, you'll 
need drivers.

For older LSI cards the driver archives are variously named NCR8XX or SYM8XX. 
Most common is probably the SYM8XX for which you'd need the ASPI8XX.SYS 
driver to start with. There's also a SYMCD.SYS for CD access, and a 
SYMDISK.SYS for non-INT13 devices. There should be instructions in the driver 
archive when you find the right one for your chip. You need to figure out 
which chip the card uses to figure out which driver you need. Whether the 
ones for older cards can still be had directly from LSI I have no idea, but 
they should. If not, they're probably not too hard to find. Such drivers are 
included in Windows installation media and built into Linux.

I've not used one with DOS in quite some time. ISTR they're really slow 
compared to modern SATA and the latter incarnations of PATA HDs. In DOS using 
INT13 for I/O you might not be able to tell any speed difference though 
unless using benchmarking software or large data files.
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