On 2012-12-17 22:43 (GMT-0800) Michael C. Robinson composed:

> The scsi card appears to be 53C1010-66 LsiLogic where I have a Compaq
> 4.3 gig scsi drive connected to it.

According to LSI's web site the product doesn't seem to exist, but according 
to http://listing.driveragent.com/c/pci/1000/0021/* it appears there are DOS 
drivers for it.

> I searched via google and tried a copy of symdisk.sys and aspi8xx.sys,
> but the hard drive doesn't detect.

Yours is much much newer.

> I wish scsi kernels were standardized and open sourced for freedos.
> The current kernel expects IDE or SATA.

SCSI has never been like that.

> The hard drive is small, so using freedos is going to be ideal and I
> still need to test the hard disk.

Unless the newer LSI cards are vastly different from old ones, you ought to 
be able to use FDISK or Parted and install DOS from floppies without any 
driver. To install it from a non-bootable CD you'll need the ASPI and CD 
driver. A standard FreeDOS CD I guess would have to be considered 
non-bootable as long as it cannot load LSI ASPI and CD drivers. If you know 
how to modify iso files before burning, then you could include the drivers 
you need. The driver package should include an ASPI driver that can be used 
for additional diagnostics beyond what are in the HBA's BIOS if necessary.

> I could try an old version of Linux, but I'd have to install via
> network and/or floppy disk.

You might find DOSEMU in a slim Linux distro to be faster, and easier since 
Linux takes care of driver requirements automatically. Network is virtually 
the only way I ever install Linux. Usually I set up the HD first, then use a 
Knoppix CD to install Grub and the installation kernel and initrd for the 
distro I want to install, then boot the HD to install via HTTP.
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