On Thu, 2012-12-20 at 03:32 +0000, dos386 wrote:
> > I'm not even sure there's a reason to have FreeDOS in the mix.
> Sure there is, especially if your 98 copy isn't legal.

My copy is sort of legal, but I don't have as many licenses for it
as I have computers running it.  The computer I'm running Windows 98
on is under spec for emulation.  It only has a K6-2 500 processor.

So yes, if I can run hxrt on top of freedos and come up with some sort
of packet driver for the PCI Realtek network card...  that will be legal
and I won't have to worry about how many computers I'm setting
up to play Warcraft II.  I am curious if you can run Warcraft II under
Wine on more powerful computers and apply ipxwrapper to get around the
no IPX problem?  I've run Warcraft II via Wine, but I've never tried to
play a network game with that kind of setup.

A 98 clone or ReactOS stabilized is definitely needed for these old
games.  DOS is a good choice on aging computers where anything that
operates at speeds below a gigaherz is an antique already, except for
embedded processors.  Actually, ReactOS used to an effort to clone
Windows 95 until that was abandoned in favor of the NT architecture.
Sadly, there probably isn't the interest to support cloning 98.  I
use Freedos for a lot of my old games, but 95/98 era games are not
always compatible with plain old dos.

I wonder if Freedos32 some day will have extensions to support old games
designed for Windows 98?  There was an effort to produce a free clone of
Warcraft II called Freecraft, but that effort was squashed by Blizzard.

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